Pivot with purpose, not with panic

Date: June 10th, 2020
We’ve all heard the word ‘pivot’ bandied around over the past few months....but what is the best way to refocus your business communications as lockdown gradually eases?
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We’ve all heard the word ‘pivot’ bandied around over the past few months. And we’re not talking contortionist moves with Joe Wicks or a DIY hack you've discovered during lockdown. We’re talking pivoting your business – adapting how you sell and how you communicate to suit the 'new normal'.

And the key to pivoting? Pivot with purpose, not with panic.

From a communications and content point of view, there are a few things I’d recommend:

- Focus on helping rather than selling

What tips or support can you offer people at this tricky time? No-one appreciates a hard sell at the moment; the zeitgeist is all about mutual support and helping others.

As a travel company, for example, you probably still aren’t selling many holidays, but you can be talking in a reassuring way to people about which countries are opening up travel over the coming weeks, how to chase up refunds that haven’t yet come through for cancelled trips and so on.

- Embrace going online

A fairly obvious one given that even our grandparents have grasped the concept of a Zoom call, but don’t shy away from providing your service or product online even if your offering doesn’t immediately feel like something that can be done virtually.

During my lockdown networking I’ve met dentists and beauticians carrying out Zoom consultations, garden designers assessing your garden from photos and videos, cookery, karate and violin tutors all teaching virtual lessons, and photographers helping clients with unique Zoom backgrounds.

In these Covid-cursed times people are open minded and receptive to traditional things being delivered a little differently – seize the opportunity and see where it leads.

- Keep on engaging, stay visible and build your brand awareness

Put out blogs that aren’t necessarily even about your business but about your experiences of lockdown life. Find amusing images from these current crazy times to share. Comment on other people’s social media posts. Talk in a genuine authentic way about all sorts of things and people will feel they’re getting to know you and like you - and may well be back to buy from you in three months’ time, or six.

Think things through and make a plan covering these three areas. As lockdown slowly lifts you’ll find people have a really favourable impression of your brand, will support you as you have supported them, and will be eager to do business with you as budgets get back on track.

Don’t Pivot in Panic, but Pivot with Purpose.

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