City Hive branding and website

Client: City Hive Women's Network

Sector: Online

Services: Brand voice development, Web Copy, E-newsletters and Email Campaigns

City Hive women's network logo

The brief

City Hive is a brand new women’s network established in the City of London in 2016, with the aim of bringing together and supporting women working in the male-dominated world of asset and investment management. The network’s founder came to me at the beginning of her business evolution, to ask me to help craft her brand mission and values, and develop the right tone and language for this new venture, subsequently producing all the content for her website, e-mails and corporate print for the launch event.

The challenge

The project involved in-depth liaison with the founder and with the web development team. I had to swiftly become immersed in issues of gender imbalance in the City and how these are being tackled. The founder had very specific ways in which she wanted to couch her brand tone of voice and convey her mission, being sensitive to the intricacies of gender equality and the competitive environment of the City. I had to get to the very heart of what she was after, to ensure she was happy with the language and content we developed. I had to collate a wide variety of biographical, membership, press and other information. The City Hive brand also made playful use of metaphors centring on queen bees, hives, and honey: I enjoyed using such poetic imagery in the brand language, but we had to tread a fine line between clever and overly twee or contrived; playful but professional.

The results

This was a challenging and rewarding experience being involved in a new business right from its beginnings. The founder of City Hive was really pleased with how the brand language came together, striking exactly the right tone and forming the basis of a really impactful website and launch campaign. City Hive launched to an enthusiastic reception in November 2016, and continues to make a real impact in the City.

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Louise was able to put into words what I couldn’t. She beautifully crafted the messaging that was and is the foundation of my company’s vision and mission. A real pleasure to work with her.

Bev Shah, CEO and Founder, City Hive
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