Ladybird - Penguin Books

Client: Ladybird - Penguin Books

Sector: Proofreading

Services: Proofreading and editing

The brief

Working at Penguin Books for several weeks, I was drafted into the in-house editing team working on an extensive educational series for Ladybird Books, aimed at a young overseas audience reading English as a second language. I was required to proofread and edit the content of these books across paper, screen and design programmes, cross-referring between various sources to ensure consistency in language, tone and style, and ensuring the language suited a young, international audience.

The challenge

I had to fit seamlessly into an existing team, mastering their design and editing software and the nuances of their editing and publishing processes. I had to quickly pick up the particular editing requirements of texts designed for young readers learning international English; and to switch easily between different titles in the series according to what needed looking at. I had to adopt a very methodical approach in how amendments were recorded and conveyed back to authors and designers. All up against a deadline of getting the book series to print.

The results

After a fascinating few weeks opening my eyes to editing in a large corporate publisher, the team were thrilled with the work I’d completed for them as they faced tight deadlines to go to press, feeling that I had integrated perfectly into the team and delivered with speed and accuracy.

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Louise stepped in to help us proofread titles for our new Ladybird Readers series – for children learning English as a second language. Her calm, efficient and professional manner was greatly appreciated amongst tight schedules and looming deadlines. Many thanks!

Kate Heald, Publisher, Penguin Random House
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