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Client: Radisson Hotel Group - Radisson Meetings

Sector: Print

Services: Brochures, leaflets and direct mail

The brief

Working with 3Sixty, a meetings consultancy specialising in the healthcare sector, our brief was to produce a thought-leading white paper addressing the intriguing subject of the psychology of meetings - how meeting and conference attendees (particularly healthcare professionals) behave, what motivates and rewards them, and how organisers can use this to improve meeting experiences. The project was briefed by Radisson Meetings, an arm of the Radisson Group dedicated to managing and promoting their meeting spaces worldwide. This white paper was to target those booking space for healthcare business purposes, the idea being that by publishing an academic-tone paper Radisson would be positioning themselves as intellectually-invested in the healthcare sector, rather than an indistinguishable venue service provider.

The challenge

The white paper needed to be academic in tone to portray Radisson as a leading authority in the area of meeting design and psychology, but still be accessible and engaging enough to work as a widely-distributed piece of marketing. I worked in close partnership with behavioural psychologist Dr Alex Morris who provided the in-depth academic content; my challenge was to adapt this into engaging readable copy without overly dumbing it down. I also had to weave in contributions and quotes from other practitioners and spokespeople, identifying which sections of the content their quotes related to, and bringing everything together as a coherent whole. I crafted large amounts of the content personally, from introduction and conclusion to reworking most of the individual chapters. The final element to the challenge was working with and satisfying a variety of stakeholders, from the academic and business contributors to my colleagues at 3Sixty, and the team at Radisson.

The results

In the end all stakeholders were really happy and the white paper is deemed a great success. Radisson are very impressed with the publication which now forms part of their global marketing for the Radisson Meetings brand. 3Sixty were also thrilled, describing the paper of "some of the best work" they've ever delivered. I myself really enjoyed getting my teeth into a significant piece of writing with an academic bent; a hugely satisfying project for a big-name brand.

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Louise’s work was exceptional. We were looking for creative writing and content development skills and Louise provided all of those and more. She dovetailed into our team immediately and supported us in creating some of our best work.

Mark Handforth, Managing Director, 360 Event Consulting
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