Raw Brothers web copy overhaul

Photograph of RAW brothers

Client: RAW Brothers Creative Consultancy

Sector: Online

Services: Web Copy, Brand voice development, Proofreading and editing

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The brief

To recraft the brand language and re-write all web copy for the new website of a leading London creative agency.

RAW Brothers combines expertise in branding and graphic design with architectural interior design to provide a unique full-service approach overhauling buildings from British Airways HQ to local schools by connecting the organisation’s brand personality to their people and physical space. RAW wanted to overhaul its own branding and website, and I was tasked with re-crafting their brand language to more accurately convey what they were all about, and to re-write the web copy across their entire site, from the About Us and brand pages, to 12 client case studies.

The challenge

I needed to really get under the skin of Rich and Andy, the two founders of RAW, to pin down exactly what they were about and how they wanted to talk about themselves. The unusual nature of their business meant we had to work hard to define their brand in a way that would make sense to all sorts of audiences, and the fact that they are themselves branding experts made the process very much two-way!

The results

Rich and Andy were delighted with the brand language I developed and the resulting web content, feeling it worked perfectly for their new website and captured the real essence of RAW Brothers.

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We would thoroughly recommend Louise to work with as a copywriter. Not only did she fully understand our brief but she got who we were and so was able to write in the style of RAW Brothers personality. Louise was well priced and delivered exactly what we were after on time and to budget. We would use her copywriting service again.

Rich Ward, RAW Brothers Creative Consultancy
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