Sittingwell email campaign

Client: Sittingwell

Sector: Online

Services: E-newsletters and Email Campaigns

The brief

Sittingwell are back care professionals who provide advice and products to reduce back pain, including their headline product, The Sittingwell® Cushion, ergonomically designed to reduce back pain when relaxing on your sofa, but blending in like normal lounge décor. They wanted to conduct a phone and email campaign to promote the cushion to two specific audiences: back care therapists or chiropractors, and mobility shops. I was briefed to produce four emails, specifically written for each audience, one each to go to contacts prior to Sittingwell approaching them by phone, and a more detailed follow-up email to each audience after the phone call to consolidate the sales message.

The challenge

The niche subject matter required I get to know Sittingwell, their products, and the chiropractic sector well, enabling me to write convincingly. Whilst Sittingwell had plenty of content on their website, the brief required careful and very targeted messaging to ensure we were bringing out the right points for the right audiences, as well as striking the right balance of interest vs sales pitch, and balancing what information we gave prior to phone contact as opposed to afterwards. We wanted to bring out a bit of the personal story behind the development of the Cushion by Sittingwell’s founders, and really encapsulate the uniqueness of the Cushion, being a genuine medical aid but looking like a real sofa cushion and transforming the simple act of sitting on the sofa for back pain sufferers.

The results

Sittingwell were really pleased with the emails and found they were very effective when they ran the phone/email campaign, with a fantastic response rate.

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