The Hospice Lottery Partnership

Client: The Hospice Lottery Partnership

Sector: Online

Services: Brand voice development, Web Copy, Proofreading and editing, PR campaigns and press releases

The brief

To write all the copy for a new website for a major South East hospice charity, helping them to define their brand voice and use it effectively to gain more regular lottery members. The Hospice Lottery wanted their new website to be much clearer and easier to understand than its predecessor, with modern, clean, yet emotive messaging. They wanted to capture a sense of ‘feel good’ and a serious side in terms of the hospice care lottery players help fund, but at the same time convey a sense of fun and excitement with significant prizes to be won. They also wanted to bring out the identity of their individual hospice partners more clearly to encourage them to feel more ownership over the website.

The challenge

The re-launched website required 20 pages of new copy, ranging from information about the charity’s partner hospices, sensitive handling of language relating to patients with terminal illnesses, and more ‘sales-y’ promotional copy persuading people to sign up and play the lottery. The copy needed to strike the right tone, treading a delicate line between the commercialism of selling lottery tickets and the excitement of winning cash prizes, alongside their important charitable aims and the sensitive nature of hospice care. There were tight deadlines to be met in getting the website live, and several parties who had to approve copy at different stages. Once the copy was fed into the new website I was able to cut copy down where necessary to fit the space.

The results

The Hospice Lottery team were thrilled with the copy, having to make very few amendments themselves and finding that I adeptly handled any conflicting amends from the hospice partners. They were delighted that I managed to capture so perfectly the tone of voice they were after. The new website launched in May 2017 and has already proved its worth, attracting far more visitors and sign-ups to membership than the previous site.

See the website

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It has been an absolute pleasure working with Louise, and we are delighted with the results. She took away what would have been for us the stress of copywriting, leaving us to concentrate on the design and build of our new website. From the initial brief, she totally ‘got us’ and was able to set the correct tone with respect to our business and the sensitivity required when talking about hospice care. Deadlines were always met on time and quite often beforehand. Huge thanks for a wonderful job.

Belinda Ellis, Business Development Manager, The Hospice Lottery Partnership
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