Client: Virtuality Creative Agency

Sector: Print, Proofreading

Services: Hire me as part of your agency team, Brand voice development, Brochures, leaflets and direct mail, Corporate reports and reviews, Proofreading and editing

The brief

Evidenced throughout my portfolio, I have partnered with Virtuality for several years as their go-to copywriter on high-end print publications for a range of organisations including the Old Royal Naval College and ETeach. I also provide regular proofreading services to the agency to ensure many other publications it designs and produces are completely accurate before going to print.

The challenge

I am required to work on a range of clients, sectors, and subject matter for both copywriting and proofreading, depending on Virtuality's clients. I relish these opportunities to get stuck into new areas, and am quick to pick up the nuances and requirements of any subject or product. Clients sometimes communicate directly with me, and at other times deal instead with Virtuality who brief out to me, and the whole process is managed smoothly between us. Proofreading jobs often require a quick turnaround, without compromising the meticulous identification of errors and communicating this to the client and designer. It is essential I pick up on every inconsistency or error, knowing that if anything was missed it could result in a costly reprint. Documents I have recently proofed for Virtuality include a 70-page essay publication for Historic England, annual reviews for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, and a publication for Arqiva infrastructure and media services.

The results

Virtuality and I have developed a hugely productive relationship, servicing clients expertly and efficiently. We deliver projects large and small to deadline and budget; developing distinctive brand identities and producing high-end print material, as well as providing thorough and reliable proofreading. We find the arrangement of an established creative agency outsourcing to a freelance writer works perfectly for us and our clients alike. Virtuality feels my work adds real value to their offer; their top clients require a high standard from copywriters, and have been impressed: highly valuing my "understanding of the subject matter, the tone of voice, and the engaging way in which her copy is crafted, which results in very few changes."

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The copywriting projects I have placed with Coopman Creative have been expertly handled, from the initial outset in understanding the brief and what is required, to delivering creative, thoughtful, well-crafted copy and finally proof reading. Virtuality has a discerning client base from sectors such as the arts, museums, charity, media and broadcasting – all of whom require a high standard from copywriters. I have had very positive feedback from clients with regards to copy written by Louise, they’ve appreciated her understanding of the subject matter, the tone of voice, and the engaging way in which her copy is crafted, which results in very few changes. I can honestly say Coopman Creative has certainly added real value to the work we produce, impressing clients and colleagues alike - I would not hesitate to recommend Louise.

Simon Dyer, Creative Director, Virtuality Creative Agency
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