Virtually Gerry web copy

Client: Virtually Gerry: virtual business support

Sector: Online

Services: Brand voice development, Web Copy

The brief

Virtually Gerry provides virtual business support enabling companies to outsource their admin on a remote, flexible basis. Its founder approached me wanting an overhaul of her existing web copy, feeling that the current content had no consistent tone, and didn’t really convey the advantages of virtual business support from a customer’s perspective.

The challenge

I had to do a lot of research into the fast-growing sector of virtual PAs and business support to see how Virtually Gerry’s competitors were positioning themselves. I really wanted potential customers to come to Virtually Gerry’s site and instantly think ‘this is what I’ve been looking for!’ so I gave a lot of thought as to how to couch Virtually Gerry's web language in a way that asked direct questions of the reader and made its services sound an absolute no-brainer. I had to strike the right balance between the conversational, chatty style Virtually Gerry was keen on, whilst maintaining a professional, expert edge to the tone of voice.

The results

Virtually Gerry’s founder was thrilled with the way I brought a consistent, authentic identity to the company’s brand language, and the way I adapted the existing web copy to create a far more engaging, customer-focused website.

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